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by Roger L. Ford

This book introduces a highly simplified count system that anyone can use. In addition, a practical progressive betting system is demonstrated. You don't need much of a bankroll when you put the power of this method to work.

approx. $28


by John Gollehon

Much of his data and commentary of blackjack directly contradicts the general consensus of those who have researched and explained the game accurately.

approx. $4


by Frank Scoblete

One of the best books on Spanish 21. This book contains the 'different' basic strategy for Spanish 21 and a new method for counting cards. Scoblete's work is helpful both for beginners and advanced players. The writing is good. 

approx. $10


by Stanford Wong

Complete explanation of basic strategy. The book is really useful for beginners. Basic strategy, as well as some tricks that may be valuable in certain situations. Writing style is clear and easy to read. 

approx. $14


by J. Edward Allen

No card counting. Simple tips and strategies make the game fun for the armature, and almost completely remove the house advantage in Blackjack. You gain confidence and can relax and enjoy the game because you know you are doing it right. 

approx. $4


by Edward O. Thorp

When Dr. Thorp, Professor of Mathematics at University of California at Irvine, first published this strategy in 1962, the system was so successful that the Las Vegas casinos were forced to change their rules.

approx. $4


by Frederick Lembeck

Treatise on the spiritual evolution of the human race. "The ultimate system is to get God on your side" (177). Wow. Hints that the casinos are crooked. He would have done better to have just stuck to mathematical gambling systems.

approx. $12


by Frank Scoblete

Strategies for single and multiple deck games. Includes sections on easy to master card counting techniques and how to take advantage of sloppy dealers. Discussion of numerous books, systems, and various card-counting techniques, including what is probably the most practical approach, the Hi-Low. Excellent writing.

approx. $10


by Arnold Snyder

Basic strategy and bankroll requirements, Red Seven Count, Zen Count, True Count and tactics and strategies for each count method. How to camouflage your skill. Snyder reasons that while more complex systems can theoretically make more money per hour, the higher error rate due to mental fatigue and complexity often more than wipes out the gains over simpler systems which result in fewer errors. 

approx. $12


101 Do's and Don'ts

by Avery Cardoza

'Blackjack' has not been reviewed yet, therefore rating is not possible.

approx. $8


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