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Miami Beach Casino
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Miami Beach Casino offered more than 40 games including more than 20 slot machines, and 8 video poker variations. The Jackpot Madness slot machines (Miami Beach Casino participated in this jackpot-linked slots net) hold the undisputed title for largest progressive jackpot payouts in the online gambling industry. With the software Miami Beach Casino used, they were one of the pioneers in internet gambling and their product was viewed as reliable and easy to use. They had an excellent reputation for strong customer service, honesty and satisfaction records. Their software provider has been an industry leader in coordinating wide-scale audits of Miami Beach Casino's payouts through a world-wide known and trusted auditing firm, offering players tools to verify their play (PlayCheck = excellent tool for checking the results of play on a hand-by-hand basis) and financial transactions (Cash Check = tool for checking purchases and withdrawals).

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 Financial Info

Miami Beach Casino accepted Visa or Mastercard and credit- and debit cards with Visa or Master Card connection. Miami Beach Casino also accepted , Paypal, Western Union and Bank Wire. The minimum deposit - depending on the deposit method - was $50 in any case. Personal identity and details of all members - including name, address, phone number, email address and wagering history - remained completely confidential, and were never given, reported or sold to any third party. Deposits: VISA or Master Card: Max. Deposit was $1500 in total deposits per day / $2000 in total deposits per week. Pay Pal: Max. Deposit was $250. Bank Wire: Min. Deposit was $500. Withdrawals: Miami Beach Casino first credited back to your credit card the amounts equal to your original deposits. Your additional winnings were then mailed to you. Bank Check: Registered Mail - takes two weeks or more. The charge for checks less than $1000 were depending on your location. Cash-ins of more than $1000 were sent out free of charge. FedEx / TNT - takes 5 days and cost $35. Bank Wire: takes 2-3 days and was free of charge. No balance under $50 was send out.

Miami Beach Casino was developed by Microgaming and runs on Windows only and a download is required at just over 16 MB for the complete casino. You first download a 'light' version (2.5MB) which offers Blackjack and Roulette only, then other games may be added later.

It is not known whether this casino is licenced or not. To have a gaming license means that a casino is able to 1) deposit enough money yearly as a financial backup for players (approximately US $50,000 up to US $100,000 per annum), 2) pay the taxes (of about 2,5% up to 5%), and hence 3) is subject to the control of the government that issued the gaming licence in case of any disputes.

Baccarat [Mini]
Poker [Caribbean]
Red Dog
Roulette [European]
Scratch Cards
Sic Bo
Video Poker

Out of Business

 Baccarat (Mini)
Microgaming Mini Baccarat

Mini Baccarat Review

Game: In Baccarat you and the banker receive two to three cards to get a point value as close to nine as possible. You have to correctly guess whether you or the banker will win, or a tie will occur.

Odds: In baccarat the best bet is on the banker (bet that the banker will win) and the fewer the decks used the better the banker bet gets. Since Miami Beach Casino uses only one deck, the house edge on a banker bet is 1.01% (it would be 1.06% if played with six or eight decks). Dealt and played using "standard" rules, if you win by betting on the banker, the bank receives a 5% commission (Land-based casinos take 4%).
The single-deck house edge on a player bet is 1.29% (where the six / eight-deck house edge on a player bet is 1.24%). These differences in percentage do not seem large, but they do have a considerable impact on play in real life.
A winning bet on a tie pays 8:1 which results in an house edge of 15.75% on tie bets (14.44% when using six and 14.36% when using eight decks). Anyway, you should avoid betting on ties at Miami Beach Casino since there are online casinos offering 9:1 payouts on ties which lowers the house edge to 4.8% on tie bets.

Set: The table limits are set to $1-$1000 which is excellent since betting limits are considered to be important when playing baccarat and high betting limits are certainly positive.

Summary: Miami Beach Casino offers a very good baccarat game (single-deck) with pretty bad odds on player and tie bets but excellent betting limits for high rollers.

Microgaming Blackjack

Blackjack Review

Game: In Blackjack each card has a point value. You first get two cards, calculate their value and decide whether to draw more cards or not where the maximum total points allowed is 21. The dealer does the same thing. You try to be better than him (draw closer to 21).

Odds: 1 Deck is used which is excellent, because as less decks are used as more easy it gets to keep track of the cards and to estimate your chances correctly via card counting. The cards are shuffled after every round though. The house edge is about 0.1% which again is incredibly good. Anyway, Miami Beach Casino also offers a multi-hand game with the same rules, except 5 decks instead of 1. This results in a house edge of 0.57% which is not good enough to play.

Set: You can play only one hand at the same time which is a pity since it is a great pleasure to play more than one hands at the same time. You'll find online casinos offering this option higher up our Best Blackjack List. The dealer stands on A-6 which is standard. Doubling down is allowed only on 9, 10 and 11 which is standard for land based casinos whereas online casinos usually allow you to double down about any first pair. Still: it makes the game more authentic this way. You are not allowed to double down after you split a pair though. Again, there are online casinos that allow doubling after split. You may split pairs to 2 hands only which is below average really: many other online casinos allow you to split cards up to 3 or 4 hands. Split Aces may be re-hit though, which rather is a rare feature and taken into positive account. The dealer does not peak (check for Blackjack) until all players are finished, so if the dealer does have a Blackjack then all players will lose the total amount they've bet, including any additional money from doubling or splitting (this is called "European hole card rule") which is very tough for the player and advantageous for the casino. Insurance is offered if you think that the dealer might have a blackjack. No surrender is available.

Betting Limits are $1-$200 and $1-$2,000 after asking for permission. This certainly are the best betting limits you will find online. There are only little online casinos letting you wager as high as this on blackjack.

Summary: Miami Beach Casino offers a great single-deck blackjack with a house edge of 0.13%. You can find better blackjack games in our Best Blackjack List but this one is superb already.

Microgaming Craps

Craps Review

Game: In Craps two dice are thrown by a player. If he rolls a 7 or 11, he wins. If he throws a 2, 3, or 12, he loses. If he throws any other number (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10) he continues throwing the dice and hopes that the same number will be thrown again before the 7 comes up. When the 7 comes up first, he loses. You can bet on the player or the house.

Odds: Miami Beach Casino offers 1x odds: if you bet $10 on the pass-line (bet, that the player will win), you can increase your original bet after the dice have been thrown by 1x the amount you bet. This is called "wagering behind". To wager behind is what a good craps player will do and a criteria of a good craps game is how many odds the casino offers you to wager behind. As the amount of allowed odds increases, the house advantage decreases considerably. The house edge is 0.85% / 0.68% (pass-line / don't-pass-line bet) when offering 1x odds - as Miami Beach Casino does, 0.61% / 4.5% when offering 2x odds - as some casinos do, and 0.47% / 0.34% already when offering 3x odds - as only very little online casinos do. (Land-based casinos sometimes offer up to 100x odds).
All place and proposition bets to win pay according to standard rules.
The "lose bets" pay 2-5 on the 4 and 10, 4-7 on the 5 and 9, and 4-5 on the 6 and 8. The house edge on the "lose bets" are 6.67% on the 4 and 10, 5.71% on the 5 and 9, and 1.82% on the 6 and 8.
The field bet pays 2:1 on both 2 and 12.

A good strategy for craps would be to always wager behind.

Set: Winnings always get rounded down to the next dollar so be sure to bet in correct increments. The table limits are set to $1-$99.

Summary: That's a very bad craps game with very bad betting limits. You'll find better craps games in our Best Craps List.

Microgaming Keno

Keno Review

Game: There are 80 numbered balls. You pick some numbers. 20 balls are drawn. You win of course as more of your picks match the numbers that were drawn.

Odds: There are two types of keno: a) paying you good already when you match only a few picks (therefore decreasing the payouts for matching many picks) and b) paying you good only when you match many picks (therefore decreasing the payouts for matching only a few picks). You have to decide where you prefer to play. I'd play only the a) type. Miami Beach Casino is the a) type casino. The average payout here is nearly 95% (92.85% for all 15 picks and 94.12% when not counting the pick 1 which always pays 75% only). This payout ratio is excellent since both land-based and online casinos generally pay back about 70% - 75% on average.

The best bets are on pick 7 and 13 both offering a return of 94.93%.

Set: You may pick 1 to 15 numbers, bet $1-$10 per pick, and play 1, 5, or 10 games at a times.

Summary: Overall, Miami Beach Casino offers returns ranging from 92.09% to the high of 94.93%, except for the Pick 1, which always pays 3:1 for a return of 75%. This payout ratio is excellent. Betting limits are excellent as well.



Match 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Payouts
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0%
1 0.5  0.5  0.5  0.5  0.5  0.5 0 0 0 0 0 0 75.00%
2 - 0.5  0.5  0.5 0.5 0.5 0 0 0 0 92.09%
3 - - 16  0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 93.04%
4 - - - 12  15  2 2 1 0.5 0.5 0.5 93.79%
5 - - - - 50  30  12  4 3 2 2 3 2 1 93.87%
6 - - - - - 75  36  19  8 5 6 4 4 3 2 93.79%
7 - - - - - - 100  90  20 10 15 24 5 5 5 94.93%
8 - - - - - - - 720  80 30 25 72 20 12 15 92.90%
9 - - - - - - - - 1200 600 180 250 80 50 50 92.86%
10 - - - - - - - - - 1800 1000 500 240 150 150 94.54%
11 - - - - - - - - - - 3000 2000 500 500 300 93.10%
12 - - - - - - - - - - - 4000 3000 1000 600 94.22%
13 - - - - - - - - - - - - 6000 2000 1200 94.93%
14 - - - - - - - - - - - - - 7500 2500 94.27%
15 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 10000 94.39%


Miami Beach Casino's Pick 13

Match casino pays Happens every Returns
0 0 x 61st 00.00%
1 0 x 11th 00.00%
2 0 x 5th 00.00%
3 0.5 x 4th 13.64%
4 0.5 x 4th 11.36%
5 3 x 8th 37.76%
6 4 x 21st 19.01%
7 5 x 81st 06.16%
8 20 x 458th 04.37%
9 80 x 3,848th 02.08%
10 240 x 49,845th 00.48%
11 500 x 1,060,033th 00.05%
12 3000 x 41,694,621th 00.01%
13 6000 x 4,065,225,582th 00.01%
numbers amount wagered game 94.93%
of your money

 Poker (Caribbean)
Microgaming Caribbean Poker

Caribbean Poker Review

Game: In Caribbean Poker you place an ante (bet before game starts) and after having received five cards decide whether to compete against the dealer or not. You simply compare cards. The better hand wins.

Odds: The basic house edge for this game is 5.21% which doesn't make it look competitive compared to other casino games. American Roulette has the same house edge though. Anyway, Miami Beach Casino changed almost every payoff per hand, making a two pair hand pay only even money (1:1) but increasing the payoff on everything from a straight to a royal flush, lowering the house edge to 5.01% and making it one of the best Caribbean Poker games you can find online.

The strategy for Caribbean Poker is quite simple: you should raise on any pair or better and fold on anything less than ace/king.

Set: Usually online casinos offer a side bet of $1 for which you will receive an additional payoff for certain paying hands (flush or better). This extra win is based on the value of your own five-card hand, not on the hand of the dealer. So even if the dealer beats you or does not qualify you still get the bonus payoff. Miami Beach Casino does not offer such a side bet. Actually a shame.
The table limits are set to $1-$50.

Summary: Caribbean Poker actually is a sucker bet (bad bet / not worth a try). But if you want to play it, play it at Miami Beach Casino. There is no side bet offered and the table limits are awfully small.

Caribbean Poker Payoffs

Hand Payoff
Royal Flush 999:1
Straight Flush 199:1
4 of a Kind 99:1
Full House 14:1
Flush 9:1
Straight 5:1
3 of a Kind 3:1
2 pair 1:1
1 pair 1:1
Ace/King 1:1

 Red Dog
Microgaming Red Dog

Red Dog Review

Game: Red Dog is a simple game where two cards are chosen by the house. You may raise your bet if you think a third card will fit in between the first two. You are given certain payouts for certain spreads. The spread is the number of ranks between two given cards. For example, the spread between a five and an eight is two. The maximum spread is eleven.

Odds: In Red Dog the greater the number of decks the better the odds for the player. This is because of the greater probability of drawing a fitting card or a three of a kind, which pays 11:1. Since Miami Beach Casino uses one deck only - as most online casinos do, the house edge is 3.16% which makes Miami Beach Casino one of the worst places to play Red Dog at. There are online casinos offering red dog played with eight decks, cutting the house edge down to 2.75%.

Set: The default table limits are set to $1-$50.

Summary: This is one of the worst red dog games to find. The stakes (betting limits) are very bad as well.

 Roulette (European)
Microgaming European Roulette

European Roulette Review

Game: A wheel with pockets numbered 0 to 36 is spun in one direction. A ball is spun around the wheel and as the ball slows, it drops into one of the pockets of the wheel. You bet on which pocket the ball will drop into.

Odds: This is an 'European' single-zero roulette (with only one zero on the wheel) which sets the basic house edge to 2.7%. That's actually far better than the American roulette version which usually has an incredible basic house edge of 5.26%. But Miami Beach Casino doesn't use any additional rule to put you in an even more favorable position, so the house edge stays at 2.7%.

If you prefer to bet on one of the inside bets once in a while, you really should play European roulette, since the house edge is 2.7% on all bets. But if you are an outside bettor, who likes to bet on high, low, red, black, odd or even only, you should play an American roulette version offering the "la partage rule" since it offers slightly better odds for those bets (2.63%).

Consider that inside bets offer far better payouts than outside bets, so bet the middle 12 once in a while. Generally the best idea is to bet on the streak that is running at the moment (e.g. if the last number was red, bet red).

Set: The betting limits vary according to the type of bet. For example, they are usually $1-$10 on a single number bet and $1-$80 on an "outside" bet.

Summary: That's a standard European roulette version. The betting limits are very bad. There are better roulette tables in our Best Roulette List. If you would like to bet big, go to Global-Player Casino. You can bet up to $6,000 on a spin there.

 Scratch Cards
Microgaming Scratch Cards

Scratch Cards Review

Game: Scratch Cards are like lottery tickets where you scratch off a protective covering to reveal matching numbers or something similar.

Odds: This scratch-off game has a winning multiplier that goes up to 50x, so for your $2 bet you'll walk away with $100 if you win. There is absolutely no way to estimate what the overall payback may be.

Set: Limits are $2 to $200.

Summary: Miami Beach Casino is one of the few casinos that offer scratch cards at all. If you enjoy playing them, do it.

Microgaming Slots

Slots Review

Game: Slots are machines with three to five wheels with symbols on them, spinning downwards when you pull a lever at their side or similar and coming to a stop after a few rounds of spinning. If the symbols align you win.

Odds: It is difficult to calculate the payout probabilities of slot machines without knowing how many times a certain symbol appears on each real. You could sit in front of the slot machine, pull the lever 1,000,000 times and write the results down or rely on the information that Miami Beach Casino gives you. They say their payouts were to find somewhere at 95%. If this is true than it's a good place to play slots at if you are interested in payouts only.

Set: Another reason for playing at Miami Beach Casino is that their jackpots get big at all their progressives. A number of online casinos and sister casinos are linked to another and pool their resources to make available the biggest jackpots online. New casinos are joining this system and continuously adding to the overall jackpots. The jackpots range from $10,000 up to $300,000 and more. There are more than 40 slot machines available. Six of which are progressives.
Miami Beach Casino offers 11 slot machines, two of which are progressives. The betting denominations are $0.25, $1, $2, and $5.

Summary: Great choice of slot machines. Many of them are excellent and offer huge jackpots. You'll find the best slot machines in our Best Slots List.

Slots Payoffs


Denom. Top Prize 
Fruit Fiesta 3/3 17 Yes No 25c - 75c Jackpot
Lots a Loot 3/5 10 Yes No 50c - $2.5 Jackpot
Cash Splash 3/1 10 Yes No $1 - $3 Jackpot
Treasure Nile 5/5 29 Yes No $1 - $5 Jackpot
Wow Pot 3/1 10 Yes No 50c - $1.5 Jackpot
Winning Wizards 5/5 29 No No $1 - $5 10,000
Genie's Gems 5/5 29 No No $1 - $5 10,000
Party Time 3/1 8 No No $1 - $3 9,000
Lion's Share 3/1 9 Yes No 25c - $5 8,000
Goblins Gold 3/1 7 Yes No $1 - $3 6,000
Cool Buck 3/5 10 Yes No 25c - $5 6,000
Jackpot Express 3/5 11 Yes No 25c - $5 5,000
Martian Money 3/5 10 No No 25c - $5 5,000
Flower Power 3/1 7 Yes No $1 - $3 5,000
Reels Royce 3/3 9 No No 25c - $5 4,000
Trick or Treat 3/3 9 No No 25c - $5 4,000
Crazy Crocodile 3/1 10 No Yes 25c - $5 4,000
7 Oceans 3/1 8 No No 25c - $5 4,000
Monkey's Money 3/1 9 Yes No $1 - $2 3,000
Golden Dragon 3/5 10 Yes No 25c - $3 3,000
Fantastic 7 3/1 10 No No 25c - $5 2,500
Pirates Paradise 3/3 10 No No 25c - $5 2,500
Caribbean Gold 3/1 9 Yes No 25c - $1 2,500
Pharaoh's Fortune 3/1 10 No No 25c - $5 2,500
Fruit Slots 3/1 12 No No 25c - $5 2,500
Jesters Jackpot 3/1 7 No No 25c - $5 2,400
Big 5 3/1 7 No No 25c - $5 2,400
Jurassic Jackpot 3/1 9 No Yes $1 - $2 1,600
Double Magic 3/1 10 No Yes 25c - $5 1,600
Cosmic Cat 3/1 9 Yes No 25c - $5 1,000
Chiefs Magic 3/1 7 No No $1 - $3 600

 Video Poker
Microgaming Video Poker

Video Poker Review

Game: In Video Poker you receive five cards and decide which ones to change (only once) in order to make a good poker hand. As better your hand as better the payout gets.

Odds: Miami Beach Casino features a set of nine different Video Poker machines, almost all of them offering a very good payout.
Their 'Aces & Faces' video poker machine for example offers 8/5 and a return of 99.26%.

Set: The coin denominations you wish to play are 25c, 50c, $1, $2, or $5.

Summary: Overall, video poker and slots seem to be Miami Beach Casino's best games and even one of the best among all online and land-based casinos.

Video Poker Payoffs


Type MaxPay MaxCoins MinCoins
Jacks or Better 9/6 4,000 99.5% 98.4%
Aces & Faces 8/5 4,000 99.3% 98.5%
10s or Better 6/5 4,000 99.1% 98.1%
Deuces & Joker 3/3 10,000 99.0% 96.6%
Louisiana Double 9/6 2,500 98.9% 95.5%
Joker Poker 7/5 5,000 98.6% 98.0%
Double Joker 5/4 4,000 98.1% 97.4%
Deuces Wild 3/2 4,000 96.8% 95.6%
Super Jax 7/5 3,000
96.5% 95.0%

Out of Business